My Story

My name is Iñaki Legorburu. Since being diagnosed with an aggressive bladder cancer in February 2010, I have, to date, found no clinical trials in which the participating cancer patients were treated with a nutritional therapy similar to the Moerman therapy. The published information on the use of these therapies, that I did find, has been in the form of retrospective studies (reviews of past cases), individual case histories and personal stories.

The available information is therefore anecdotal and not scientific in nature. Hence there is no scientific evidence to support the notion that these therapies can influence an ongoing cancer process or even heal cancer, and by the same token, there is no evidence to support the notion that these therapies cannot heal cancer.

Are doctors and oncologists justified in telling me ‘Your changes to nutrition and lifestyle may have improved your general health, but they had no influence on your cancer.’? Based on the available scientific evidence, or rather the lack of it, my answer to this question is ‘No!’

There are no medical grounds for informing the patient that nutrition and lifestyle cannot influence cancer. It is both medically as well as ethically wrong to do so. Back in 2010 I suspected that this ‘point of view’ was not true and dared to act accordingly. Six years later I have no regrets.

My health returned within weeks

My cancer is “healed” (I prefer the expression: under control), and I give full credit to the changes made to my nutrition and lifestyle. I believe that every cancer patient should be presented with the opportunity to try out an optimal nutrition and lifestyle plan and experience the benefits.

The notion that a cancer therapy can be built around simple and inexpensive changes to the nutrition and lifestyle of the individual cancer patient is a ‘sensitive’ subject that continues to give rise to strong emotional resistance, particularly from the medical establishment.

Cancer has the reputation for being “life-threatening”, a disease for which there is an urgent drive to develop therapies. When diagnosed with cancer the recommendation is to proceed as soon as possible according to the established medical protocols. My views on cancer are different.

I want to make it clear to the reader that all points of view and opinions expressed on this website are mine, and that I am not offering medical advice and this website should not be considered as such.

Nevertheless, there is a cancer vision that I would like to share with you.

Iñaki Legorburu

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