A Cancer Vision

I envisage a world in which many, if not all, cancer therapy protocols are designed and built around a nutrition and lifestyle core. Sadly that is not yet the case due to a lack of “medical evidence”. The emphasis is on lack of evidence rather than evidence to the contrary. A serious clinical trial is required to produce such evidence, and to the best of my knowledge (I have been searching for the past 6 years), such a trial has never been performed.

Imagine that the evidence really does point towards an optimal nutrition and lifestyle therapy that can be successfully used with say 60% of all cancer patients. It would mean that nutrition and lifestyle studies would have to be incorporated into an oncologist’s education. It would mean that many, if not all, existing cancer therapy protocols would have to be redesigned around a nutrition and lifestyle core. It would mean that the use of expensive medicines and hospital treatments would be cut by more than half. It would mean that research money would be chanelled away from expensive medicines and hospital treatments towards more natural and cheaper combination therapies.

When I consider the billions of dollars that are being poured annually into researching expensive medicines and hospital-based therapies, and the measurable “progress” that has been made over the past 40 years, it seems fair to ask the question ‘Why has not one single clinical trial ever been perfomed to investigate the possible influence of a Moerman type therapy on an ongoing cancer process?’ I have come across proposals for such trials, but they never made it to the starting line.

I sincerely hope that a national cancer institute, hospital or charity, or even the Moerman Academy in the Netherlands, or a consortium made up from these parties, will stand up and initiate a well-designed clinical trial on behalf of the cancer patients and families whose best interests they represent.

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